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Way2Mail Sending portal has the flexibility to do email and subject contents rotation at the time of campaign process. Also our backend teams have the complete grip to plan domain specific delivery for your campaign segments which ultimately leads to better response.


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Promotional Mails
Promotional Emails
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  • A promotional email is an email sent to inform the email list of your new or existing products or services. Promotional emails are intended to get the word out about special offers, limited time deals, or exclusive content...

Transactional Mails
Transactional Emails
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  • Transactional email is nothing but triggered events between a sender and a recipient. It differs from promotional emails which are bulk deliveries of the same marketing message to countless recipients simultaneously...

Work Mail
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  • Do you have many webmail accounts and you spend a lot of time checking emails of all those webmail accounts to stay in sync with your customers?
    Managing multiple email accounts is a time-consuming and annoying process.

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If you are exploring options for the best mailing service then Way2Mail got everything you need

Mailing Service

We have solution for your mailing problems.

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Way2Mail has designed a unique mailing application for sending mails.

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Way2Mail is available 24/7 to support our clients.

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Our Datacenters are Located in 21 Regions

Way2Mail send emails through multiple IP addresses of multiple subnets and we choose our delivery servers from following locations

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